The WhaleNet CDROM Guide to Whales and Marine Mammals of the North Atlantic Ocean

This CDROM product is designed for students and teachers in classrooms, whalewatchers, researchers, or just anyone truly interested in whales. Developed in conjunction with Wheelock College and The College of the Atlantic with funding by the National Science Foundation, the WhaleNet CDROM Guide contains:

A field guide to the 20 most common marine mammals of the North Atlantic region
A special graphic key that lets you identify over 800 different individual humpback whales
Sighting histories of over 11,000 occurrences of known humpback whales
Texts and references for the field guide including an extensive glossary


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Introduction - A basic overview of the CD's contents and functions as well as information for contacting WhaleNet on the Internet

Whale Identifier - The Whale Identifier is a database of nearly a thousand different humpback whales identified by their tail (fluke) patterns. An easy-to-use interface lets you characterize the flukes you sight yourself, so you can match them to the whales in the catalog.

Sighting History - Once you've found a specific whale in the Whale Identifier, click the Sighting History button for a list of recorded sightings of that whale including date and location. You will also see a map of the East Coast of North America with a whale icon marking the location(s) of the sighting(s).

Field Guide - This section includes written descriptions and photographs for twenty species of marine mammals commonly found in the North Atlantic. Included are descriptions of identifying characteristics for each species, food preferences, reproductive strategies, common behaviors, population estimates, history of exploitation, and current status of each species. References are included with each account.

Glossary - The glossary provides an alphabetic listing of terms and definitions pertinent to the study of marine mammals.

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