Wheelock College - LSC 335 Environmental Impacts

Deer Island Project

Deer Island

The Fall 1999 LSC 335: Environmental Impacts Class at Wheelock College researched Boston's new MWRA Deer Island Treatment Facility. The results of their investigations are presented here as an informative educational resource.

The investigations and the pages creations were completed by:

The investigations were conducted by specific categories (listed below).

Click on the categories below to learn more about the Deer Island Sewage Treatment Plant and the possible effects the new outfall/diffusion system might have on Massachusetts Bay.
  • Psychology & History

  • Biology

  • Economics

  • Per Capita Consumption

  • Politics & Public Policy

  • Population

  • Technology

  • Deer Island Slide Show Tour


    DripDrip Calculator. How much water do you waste?

    The Boston Harbor Cleanup: The Deer Island Sewage Treatment Facility

    Long Term Current and Sediment Transport Observations, USGS

    Massachusetts Bay Circulation and Effluent Modeling, USGS

    Sewage System, MWRA

    Boston Harbor and Massachusetts Bay (MWRA water quality)

    MWRA (Massachusetts Water Resources Authority

    Biology / PerCapita Consumption / Population / Technology / Economics / Politics / Psychology & History