Seiner So many foreign fleets literally vacuumed up the fish (What is a seiner?) that the US and Canada finally responded by passing their respective 200-Mile Limit Laws in the mid-1970's. These laws gave the US and Canada jurisdiction over fishery resources between 3 miles (the end of states' jurisdiction) and 200 miles from shore. This law (in the US, it's known as the Magnuson Fishery Conservation and Management Act of 1976) did help keep foreign fishermen out. But now US and Canadian fishermen, who had fished side by side for hundreds of years, jockeyed for exclusive jurisdiction over "their" economic zones. Unfortunately, the United States and Canada made overlapping claims to some of the same ocean areas, including the fertile Georges Bank.

GOMSST The Gulf of Maine is also noted for its frigid water temperatures where the average sea temperature ranges between 38F and 62F. Therefore it is critical to locate and rescue any survivor of an accident at sea before that person succumbs to the cold temperatures. One of the greatest dangers to fishermen or downed pilots in the Gulf of Maine is hypothermia, the lowering of the body's core temperature to a level where the body is unable to warm itself again. (below about 95F).



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