Handout 5-A

Marine Mammals in the Gulf of Maine

From the areas of Cape Cod to the southern tip of Labrador, observers have spotted 22 species of whales and 6 species of seals. More information on whales and other marine mammals: WhaleNet

Toothed Whales
Harbor Porpoise Pilot Whale
White-Sided Dolphin White-Beaked Dolphin
Common Dolphin Striped Dolphin
Bottlenosed Dolphin Gray Grampus
Killer Whale Beluga
Sperm Whale Pygmy Sperm Whale
Northern Bottlenosed Whale Dense-Beaked Whale
True's Beaked Whale North Sea Beaked Whale

Baleen Whales
Finback Whale Harbor Seal
Minke Whale Gray Seal
Humpback Whale Harp Seal
Right Whale Hooded Seal
Blue Whale Ringed Seal
Sei Whale Atlantic Walrus


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