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Gulf of Maine Council on the Marine Environment:

Gulf of Maine Marine Habitat Primer:

Gulf of Maine Research Institute:

Gulf of Maine Ocean Observing System:
Data Maps:

What is the Gulf of Maine Watershed?:

Gulf of Maine Watershed Information and Characterization System:

Gulf of Maine Habitat Map:

Did you know that there was a dump site in Mass Bay? (DAMOS maps, data, etc.):

A large printed poster of a watershed map of the Gulf of Maine, which would be a great visual for the unit, can be obtained by visiting

The Second Edition of the Teacher's Guide to Marine Life of the Gulf of Maine is now available. New features include a Table of Contents, page numbers, an index and updated 2002 commercial landings information. The cost of the guide remains $5.00.

For copies please contact the Maine Department of Marine Resources, Education Division, P.O. Box 8, West Boothbay Harbor, ME 04575.

Additional curricula and enrichment materials on the topics can be found at:

Whale Net

Gulf of Maine Research Institute

Overview of Gulf of Maine data

Temperature charts for the Gulf Stream

NOAA Satellite and Information System:

Weather and ocean conditions for the Gulf of Maine (lots of good stuff)

General Overview of GOM information

Gulf of Maine Lobster Institute

Gulf of Maine temperature charts

Current forecasts for Gulf of Maine/NE Coastal waters

Article about Spring plankton bloom in GOM

Interactive data maps of GOM and Cape Cod

Right Whale Sighting Data (1997 to present) New England and Southeast US

Marine Mammals in the GOM

Info on Marine Mammals protected under the MMPA

Stellwagen Bank mammals

Census of GOM marine life

Links to Gulf of Maine data, including maps, tide info, etc.

Near Real-time Operational Data of the Gulf of Maine

Gulf of Maine Watershed

Gulf of Maine Curriculum Resources Table of Contents links


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