Operation Humpback Help - Tower School, Marblehead, MA
Tower School
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Message sent to The Honorable Ryozo Kato from United States Senators.

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Humpback Whale Information Links

IWC Educational Information on Whales

Educational Resources on Whales

American Cetacean Society, Humpback Whale page

Origami Whales
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Organization Links:

American Cetacean Society (www.acsonline.org)
Around-n-Over (www.around-n-over.org/edportal/)
Cetacean Society International (csiwhalesalive.org/)
IFAW (www.ifaw.org)
International Whaling Commission (IWC - www.iwcoffice.org/)
Ocean Alliance (www.oceanalliance.org)
Ocean Literacy (www.coexploration.org/oceanliteracy/)
WhaleNet (whale.wheelock.edu)
WhaleResearch.Org (www.whaleresearch.org/)
Partner Schools:

Tower School
St. Mary's Anglican Girls' School, Perth, Western Australia

Tower School
(Click image to visit Tower School)

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