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2/1/01 - Report 2/1/01

Trinidad 2/9/01 - Report 2/9/01

Christopher Moore

All around me, glistening bright,
Were fish of all colors, dancing out of sight.
They traveled in clouds
Or wandered alone
Their stealthy quickness shot them to the unknown.
They waved their patterns,
With sand swirling like snow.

The goggles and snorkel pressed hard on my face
As I worked with my arms to keep in one place.
Coral swayed below me,
Sea centipedes crawled at a steady pace.
Eels slithered in cracks,
Mouth open wide,
Muscle and sinew bunched
As he continued his odd slide.

Fish I was below the water,
Everything opened to my eyes.
I need not approach,
But be as passive as a clam.
I could hear the mad clicking,
And I could see what I saw,
I was happy where I was
And there was no need to leave.

Christopher Moore
February 6, 2001

2/11/01 - Report

2/13/01 - Report

2/14/01 - Report

2/15/01 - Report

2/19/01 - Report

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3/31/01 - Yesterday we went west to the 1-2000m zone, and found a good mess of sperm whales, albeit rather spread out and fickle.Got one good set of fluke photos before ran out of time. Today rain forest hike.Vast buttress rooted trees, tree ferns and spectacular waterfall. Oranges and grapefruit eaten off the tree are the best. Dominica map.

Here is Oliver's version of our epic trek to the Boiling Lake.

Wednesday - Dad, Chris, Tom and I left the boat at 6:30 in the morning.James the tour guide picked us up in his boat, which proceeded to run out of gas halfway to the dock.We then got towed by a yachtie who didn't know how to drive his dinghy.We went around in circles until James drove it for him.We got picked up by a taxi, which took us to the foot of the trial.The trial went steadily upwards for about 2 miles then dropped steeply into a valley then we climbed up over that ridge and went into another valley.The next part was a very steep upwards climb for an hour.Chris and Tom kept running ahead while Dad and I took up the rear with the backpacks.We then came to the lastpeak and then descended into the Valley of Desolation.It looked like a moonscape and there were jets of steam rising from boiling vents.The smell of sulfur was extremely strong.We trooped through the valley of desolation, over a ridge and into the next valley of desolation.We went through three similar valleys before getting to the boiling lake.The lake was a 200 foot wide circle boiling like a saucepan.There was so much steam that you could only see the water when a puff came through and blew it away.We had an early lunch then headed back.We were back by two and the taxi didn't arrive till three.The hike was 10 miles all together but a lot of up and down.Dad and I went swimming in a gorge that was spectacular.All in all a great day.Oliver

Headed for Antigua by Monday via an overnight passage.


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