Right Whale


Kristine Price

Deborah Will

Introduction and Culmination of the Unit

This unit has been developed for grades 3 6. Younger and older grades could be taught this information with some adjustments to expectations. The unit's focus is on exploring the right whale.

Lesson #1 begins instruction in a broad way, by at first understanding the different facts about the right whale.
Lesson #2 goes on to incorporate a lesson for the subject area of History or Social Studies and explores the rights whale's history of being hunted.
Lesson #3 is a math-based lesson that explores the length of whales including the length of the right whale.
Lesson # 4 is a science lesson where the students will perform an experiment exploring how the whale maintains body heat.
Lesson #5 is the culmination of the unit and is a compilation of the student's work to date by creating a portfolio or book based on right whale facts learned throughout the unit.

There are many activities planned as part of this unit, which are inexpensive and easy to implement within your classroom. The activities are planned as a way for students to be actively involved in each of the lessons. Student's participation will help to ensure that they understand the concepts that are introduced.

Supplementary Resources are listed at the end of the unit lesson plans. Items such as the story of Metompkin, and anything else needed for instruction will be linked to this unit.

Table of Contents

Lesson # 1 (Right Whale Introduction)
Lesson # 2 (Products from Right whales)
Lesson # 3 (How Long are Whales?)
Lesson # 4 (Maintaining Body Heat)
Lesson # 5 (Whale Portfolio/Culminating Lesson)
Supplementary Resources

Download Curriculum Unit as a pdf File

Additional Right Whale Curriculum Materials