Lesson # 5

Whale Portfolio (Culminating/Language Arts)



Materials from the unit

Writing tools

Art supplies (depending on what your students ideas are)

Large construction paper

Chart paper

Teacher Background:

This lesson can be adapted in many ways. You can give your students the freedom to express what they have learned in any way, or you can guide your students by giving them options of what they can do. For example, you could have your students make a portfolio using large construction paper, or you could have them use folders or binders. The goal of the portfolio is for students to express what they have learned from this unit, and you can adapt this as you wish.


  1. Have a large group discussion with students explaining the culminating activity of the right whale unit.
  2. Have students brainstorm what they have learned from this unit and record their ideas on chart paper. Keep this up where students can see it.
  3. Have students work individually to make their own list of information they would like to include in their portfolio. They can web or make a list.
  4. Have students map out how they are going to express their information in the portfolio. Assist students when they need guidance in narrowing ideas to include.
  5. Have supplies out and accessible to students. Approve student’s ideas before they begin construction.
  6. Assist students as necessary in constructing their portfolios. Display the portfolios in the classroom when complete.


This portfolio is not only a culminating activity, but it is also a complete assessment of what your students have learned from this unit. By reading each students portfolio you will be able to evaluate what they have learned and you can assess their expression of ideas from the unit as well.

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