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From: Nancy Stevick (Nancy.Stevick@btinternet.com)
Date: Sat Feb 05 2000 - 16:23:30 EST

On 3 February, Jbabe wrote:

>I know this is only for school work but i have another qu. not about that
>please answer it. What do u do about people making fun of u? What if u
>a learing disability, how do u deal with it? thanx for your help, bub bye
Dear Jbabe,

I am sorry to hear that people are making fun of you. I feel strongly that
each of us has a responsibility to make the world a better place, and that
leaves no place for people making other people feel bad.

When people have made fun of me, I have generally agreed with what they are
saying and laughed it off. This takes the power away from my tormenters
because I have shown them that their taunts did not bother me. I know that
this is difficult for some people to do, because the taunts do hurt them. I
am personally too stubborn to let mean people hurt me. I have been lucky
and have had lots of people who encouraged and supported me. I just think
of that support and love whenever anyone is trying to get me down.

I would encourage you to try to ignore the people who make fun of you.
Spend time with people who appreciate you for your strengths. If this
teasing goes on at school, tell a teacher or a guidance counselor. Have you
spoken with your parents about it? They might be able to help you, as well.

And remember, you are a special person, and you should use your energy to
grow stronger, not waste it worrying about the taunts of bullies. They are
not worth it.

Best wishes,
Nancy Stevick

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