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Date: Sun Feb 06 2000 - 10:18:19 EST

On 5 February 2000, Jenny Richards wrote:

>What sort of research do you conduct with the animals and can a major in
>biology allow me to do the same kind of research?
> My name is Jenny Richards and I am a college student in Wisconsin. I
>am majoring in biology and hopefully put an emphasis on marine mammals.
>I love all animals, but this group fascinates me. It would be great if
>you could just give me some info. Thanks!
>Please send this response to

Dear Jenny,

At Allied Whale, I conducted photo-identification research on humpback
whales. Researchers can identify individual humpback whales by the patterns
on the underside of their flukes. I matched photos and helped to manage the
database of sighting records for the 5200 animals in the North Atlantic
Humpback Catalog. I obtained this position at Allied Whale because I had
attended College of the Atlantic and was in the right place at the right

Getting a biology degree can be a start in a career in marine mammalogy.
But you should be prepared for a lot of hard work before you can get a
secure job doing work with marine mammals. Many people begin by
volunteering on research projects or at aquaria. There are some great
resources on Careers in Marine Science on the web. I would encourage you to
check some of these out. Look at the WhaleNet web site index for the link
to these sites.

Good luck in the pursuit of your career.

Nancy Stevick

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