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>HELLO, My name is Roxianne. I live in California and am a highschool
>student. I am also taking a class called Career Preparation and I am very
>interested in working with animals espesially marine ones. About a 2 months
>ago I took my second trip to Maui and was thrilled to see dolphins in the
>wild and up so close for the first time. Anyways I'm doing an interview
>project at school and I was wondering if you could anser a few questions...
>1. What kind of courses would I need to take to be a marine
>2. How much might these courses cost?
>3. What are some of the different areas of marine biology that I
>could go into?
>4. Do you specialize in anything?
>5. Would you consider this job to pay good?
> I hope you can find sometime to answer a few of my questions, it would
>help a great deal with my career decsions. THANKS FOR YOUR TIME.

Hi Roxianne,

There is a wonderful website you will want to visit to help you get a
better idea of how to prepare for a career in marine mammal science. See-

Strategies for Pursuing a Career in Marine Mammal Science

There usually aren't many marine mammal courses in most colleges, but the
best advice is really to obtain a strong science background and become a
good writer. Also, do an internship or volunteer in the field before you
decide on a career. Get a taste of how you will be spending your time.
Talk to a variety of people who work with marine mammals (like you are
doing now!)- trainers, researchers, those who work in government, etc.

To answer your questions about me- I specialize in marine mammal cognition
and acoustics. I also study human cognition and development (in
psychology). My current research involves investigating echolocation
signals in bottlenosed dolphins.

I wouldn't say the pay is great, but nobody goes into this field in search
of high paychecks. If you can get a job, the pay will most likely be enough
to support you, but not in luxury. I know a lot of happy marine mammal
scientists though! The work can be quite satisfying.

Good luck!
Caroline DeLong
Marine Mammal Research Program
Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology
P.O. Box 1106
Kailua, HI 96734

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