Dolphin communication

From: Nancy Stevick (
Date: Tue Feb 08 2000 - 17:01:57 EST

On 4 February 2000, Tracy wrote:

>hi- i was wondering if you could help me w/ a couple of questions I have.
>Do you know what the job is called for a person who wants to study how
>dolphins communicate? If so, can you give me a job description and the
>average salary for that job. Thank-you very much!!!
> -stacy
Dear Stacy,

People who study dolphin communication are marine mammalogists. It is one
subset of people who study animal behaviour. I cannot tell you the average
salary for that job, because I do not think there is a set salary for it.
The salary would depend on your qualifications and what role you might play
in the study. You would probably start out as a technician or research
assistant, which would be a lower salary than a principal investigator.
The salary of a principal investigator would probably depend on the grants
that he or she could obtain.

For more information on careers in marine science, go to the WhaleNet Index
and look up Careers. There are many good sites which can advise you on what
qualifications and experience you need to have a career in marine science.

Nancy Stevick

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