Have you ever been to Whale Camp

From: Nancy Stevick (Nancy.Stevick@btinternet.com)
Date: Sun Feb 13 2000 - 06:53:46 EST

On 12 February 2000, Rachel wrote:
Subject: Have you ever been to Whale Camp

> Dear Nancy- I want to be a marine biologist when i grow up. There is
>neat place called whale camp Grand Maran area I want to go. My mom doesn't
>have the money. Do you know of a foundation to help me get there? Also have
>you ever riden a whale? Been touched by one? Please send me any
>you think will help me. What is the best college to go to for Marine
>Is there a good one in Virginia? I am nine years old. I have been taking
>swimming lessons to get me ready. I got to swim with dolphins in Va. Beach.
>That's what turned me on. gotta go. your friend. Rachel

Dear Rachel,

I do not know of any foundations that could help you out. I would encourage
you to contact local community organizations for assistance. Perhaps the
rotary club or other civic organizations could help you. Perhaps you could
raise some money yourself by sponsoring a car wash, bake sales or raffle.
Perhaps some local businesses would donate items for you to raffle.

I have not ever ridden on a whale. And I would not. I have only worked
with large whales in the wild. Any attempts to ride on them would be
foolish, dangerous and inappropriate. In my work with stranded marine
mammals, I have touched whales, dolphins and seals. No one should not touch
any marine mammal unless they have been trained to do so. Otherwise, you or
the animal could get hurt.

For information on how to prepare for a career in marine science, go to the
WhaleNet Site Index and look under 'Careers.' There are links to may good
sites which can advise you on the best classes to take and what universities
have good marine science programs.

Good luck with your career aspirations.

Best Wishes,
Nancy Stevick

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