dead dolphin

From: Howard Garrett (
Date: Wed Feb 16 2000 - 01:36:33 EST

Today I came across a dead dolphin floating in the Four Bayou Pass area near
the Gulf of Mexico in SE Louisiana inshore waters. I logged its position w/
GPS and took a photo
of it. Is there a federal and/or state agency that this info should be
reported to?
Regards, DJS
PS There was a large amount of dolphin activity in the overall area and in
the immediate vicinity were at least two live companions hovering around the

I'm a little surprised to get a question like this, but I'm glad you are
getting in touch with someone. Certainly the National Marine Fisheries
Service would like to know about it, and perhaps it would be worthwhile to
post your observation on the Marine Mammal discussion group to see if
researchers in the area would be interested in seeing the photo and hearing
the report. Would you like to have your message posted on the Marmam
discussion group?

Howard Garrett
Tokitae Orca Conservation Foundation
Greenbank WA 98253
(360) 678-3451

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