Blue whale measurements

From: Howard Garrett (
Date: Mon Feb 21 2000 - 13:55:57 EST

I am doing a comparative analysis on 9 different types of animals. I chose
the blue whale for one. I need to know the following: brain size, heart
rate,average body temperature, average life span, age at sexual maturity.
Thank you for your help in this project. I am a 7th grader in Wrangell,
Alaska. I need this information before Feb. 25th.
Daniel Church

Dear Daniel,

        I don't happen to have those measurements at hand, but the best source
would be a book called The Blue Whale, by Small. Some of that information
is not known, such as average life span and heart rate, which varies
depending on whether the whale is on the surface or diving. The average
body temperature is similar to humans, just under 100 degrees. If I were
asked to guess, I believe the brain size is about 12-14 pounds, and the age
at sexual maturity is about six years for females, and a few years older
for males. I hope this helps.

Howard Garrett
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