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From: Peter M Scheifele (
Date: Mon Mar 06 2000 - 19:14:49 EST


I am a marine bioacoustician who studies sound production and hearing in
marine mammals, primarly Beluga. Bioacoustics is a branch of physics and
marine science. To do this work requires a degree in physics and in
marine science with emphasis on acoustics and acoustical engineering.
Most who want to become entrenched in the field will usually study to
receive a PhD. Those of us who do usually tend to work at a university
as I do. You should look up the acoustical Society of America website
for details. I would also be happy to speak with you further.

On Sun, 5 Mar 2000 20:56:46 -0500 "Nicki Carbone" <> writes:
> To whom it may concern, I am a 25 year old,who would like to learn
> more about what your are doing and how to get mmeself into a field
> like yours my e-mail is and my name and adderss is
> Nicki Carbone 750 California Dr. Coal Center P.A. 15423
> Thank you Nicki
> Carbone

Peter M. Scheifele
129 Hunters Road, Norwich, CT 06360

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