Re: Whale songs in unison and the depth zone our submarines communicate in

From: Peter M Scheifele (
Date: Mon Mar 06 2000 - 19:23:20 EST

Dear Ray

Whales that sing or communicate can sing in unison but it isn't that

There are places in the ocean called "sound channels" where it is easy to
communicate with other submarines if they are in the same soound channel.
 There is no particular location for these channels. They may be near the
surface or deep. They are a function of temperature and salinity.

Whales certainly make use of these sound channels in the same way that
subs do although it is the whales that taught US how to use them.

Certainly different pods can make use of them but the whales that
communicate over the longest distances are large baleen whales who
communicate in the low frequencies (Blue Whales, Fin Whales) (5 Hz to 25
Hz) which carry farther.

On Sun, 5 Mar 2000 17:06:00 -0600 "Ray Smith" <>
> Dear Dr Peter
> Do humpback or other whales sings the same songs in unison?
> Is there a depth in the ocean that submarines can communicate all
> over the earth?
> If so do any whales swim at these depths and if so would it be
> possible for them also to communicate via song at this same depth
> over great distances? Could this possibly be a way for different
> pods that are widely separated to communicate?
> Thank you for considering my questions.
> Ray Smith
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Peter M. Scheifele
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