The Future of the Oceans

From: Kim Marshall (
Date: Thu Mar 16 2000 - 15:24:35 EST

Hi Scott,
We are losing plants and animals at a rate of 100 species a day. The
oceans cover 71% of earth's surface and we get more oxygen from the ocean
than we do the rainforests. 1/2 world's population lives within 60 miles
from the sea and for centuries we have mistaken the oceans for one gigantic
garbage bin. We all have to open our eyes and control pollution. I am
confident that conservation will become second nature to everyone soon -
but we have to show people how - by doing one thing a day. Everything you
do affects everything else, and by making simple changes in your life you
can help save whales, the earth and all its inhabitants. Good luck with
your project! Kim

My name is Scott Janiszewski. I am a Senior at West Seneca East Sr. in
Buffalo NY. I am currently doing a project about the ways that we will
depend/rely on the oceans in the near future. What do you think will
happen to them? Will they be depleted of all of their resources?

Whale Conservation Institute/Ocean Alliance
191 Weston Road, Lincoln, MA
(781) 259-0423

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