Gray Whales

From: Kim Marshall (
Date: Thu Mar 16 2000 - 15:41:04 EST

>I was wondering what the molecular evidence suggests the closest living
>relative of a whale is? The closest terrestrial relatives of whales
>appears to be hippo.
>How many tons does the gray whale lose during their annual migration?
>Traveling northto their feeding areas anywhere from 3-6 knts per hour gray
>whales have lost and will lose 1000s of pounds. The average weight for an
>adult is 35 tons.
>And lastly, are gray whales found alone, or in small or large groups?
>From the Sierra Handbook on Whales, while migrating gray whales travel in
>flux unless there are females with calves. In the breeding lagoons
>females and calves and groups of adults and juveniles are commonly seen
>but on the feeding grounds you mostly see gray whales singly but present
>largely dispered groups in the hundreds.

Thank you, Kim

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