Whale Song

From: OldBruin@aol.com
Date: Fri Mar 17 2000 - 12:17:51 EST

Question: I am very interested in learning about the intellligence of
animals, and that whales sing songs -- actual songs with beginning, middle,
and end. Where could I find a recording of whale songs? My students will
love learning about this.

Hi Maggie,
I recommend reading "Among Whales" by Dr. Roger Payne (my boss). He
codiscovered that humpback whales sing in the 1970's. You can purchase the
cd 'Song of the Humpback Whale" at our web site www.oceanalliance.org. We
also have education kits that incorporate whale sounds into the curriculum.
WhaleNet also offers curricular programs. You can find out more at

A passage from Roger's book: "...unmistakable impression that whales, birds,
and humans share peculiarly similar laws of musical composition....main
difference between the songs of humpbacks and songbirds is their pace
pitch... a consequence of each animals size." "...that the songs are sung to
attract females....
These songs introduce ewn phrases which in time stretch out until finally the
phrase is dropped and replaced by other material. Humpback whale employ
rhyme in their songs.
There is much more to learn - good luck!
Kim (kimm@oceanalliance.org)

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