Marine Related Jobs

From: Kim Marshall (
Date: Sat Mar 18 2000 - 13:37:03 EST

Reply: Hi Vanessa, Try searching through WhaleNet's pages for links to
other organizations that may offer jobs and internships. My organization
offers a summer internship, you can find information at Also there is a free network called Marmam that
constantly advertises jobs etc. Hoep this helps you ! Good luck, Kim

>My name is Vanessa Michelou, and I am about to finish high school in South
>America. I have strong interests in pursuing a career in Marine Biology, or
>the MArine Sciences in the States, and am hoping to be able to fulfill my
>dream. However, next June when I graduate, I want to be able to find a
>summer job related to the field. I have been searching everywhere in the
>web, but haven't found anything. I was wondering if you could help me by
>pointing me in the right direction for my search. Thank you very much for
>your time and patience,
>Vanessa Michelou
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