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From: Kim Marshall (
Date: Wed Mar 22 2000 - 11:14:38 EST

Hello Coraline,

>1) What did you choice to work as a marin biologist ?
I have wanted to research whales since I was a little girl and after
reading about them and learning how intelligent they were I wanted to help
save them from becoming extinct or harmed by human ignorance.

>2) What studies did you do for beeing what you are today ?
I studies biolody at University including chemistry and biochemistry, math
etc. It is very important to learn business studies and good writing
skills as well to be able to not only perform research but also write
grants etc.

>3) Did you participate in big expedition ?
Yes I have participated in several expeditions, see our most recent
expedition at The field work is very interesting
but remember that most of the work takes place in a lab or office.

>4) Do you work with french scientists ?
We work with scientists from all over the world including French scientists
and film-makers.

>5) To do research on whale is very difficult in Europe For a Student. Is
>there a lot of opportunities in USA or in Canada ?
There is a Europeon Cetacean Society that you can find information about on
the Internet. Also seek out marmam a free marine mammal discussion site.
I believe that if you continue to look you will be able to follow a career
path from Europe.

>6) Can you give me advises for my future career in marin mammals research ?
Please read the careers booklet on WhaleNet. Just click on the career
section button on the front of the ASK page in WhaleNet.

>7) What do you think about the future of the ocean in comparison with the
>pollution, excessive line fishing...?
We need to be very careful with how we treat our oceans. Fishing must be
carefully monitored to ensure that we don't deplete stocks and pollution
must be stopped - from floating debris to chemical dumping. Please see our
web site to learn more about pollution.

>8) Do you know Jacques Yves Cousteau ?
No I do not but his son has an organization that like us, works to conserve
whales and the oceans.

>And have you a famous scientist who is your reference ?
My boss Dr. Roger Payne is my favorite scientist.

>Good luck! Kim

Whale Conservation Institute/Ocean Alliance
191 Weston Road, Lincoln, MA
(781) 259-0423

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