Data info on Azores Sperm Whales

From: Kim Marshall (
Date: Fri Mar 24 2000 - 17:06:20 EST

>My name is Kathy Krucker and I teach an Honors Oceanography class in
>Tucson, Az at Palo Verde High School. One of my students, Heidi, has a
>question on the archived data. You can email her via me at this
>address. Here she is:
>On the data I have, I am unable to tell whether the data has been
>collected from only one sperm whale or if it is more than one. Under
>the column "species" there are some notes susch as Dd, Cc, Pc, Pc8,
>etc. Also under the column "Sp #" there are numbers such as 50, 1, 7,
>etc. I do not know what these numbers represent.
Dear Heidi, I am not sure myself since I do not have the information at
hand. Please provide me with more details to this paper or find links to
IFAW on WhaleNet as I know they have done studies in the Azores on sperm
whales. The letters may deduce scientific names but it looks more to me
like group numbers of whales where each group is given a letter and maybe
the small letter indicates a calf? Please let me know if I can be of help
again. Thanks Kim

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