From: Dagmar Fertl (
Date: Mon Mar 27 2000 - 08:58:15 EST

Hello. I am doing a school project on the symbiosis relation called
commensalism. I need an example of two organisms in this relation and what
happens in it. Thank you very much.
Hi. Did you do a search on the web or in your library to find any
information on this topic? By using <> I found quite a list of
information on commensalism. The following comes from a website that I
located using yahoo. I would recommend that you do some research into this
very interesting topic.

Commensalism is an association in which only one party benefits, but the
other party does not suffer any detriment. There is a small fish that lives
in the rectum of large sea cucumbers, receiving a habitat and protection,
while not causing any harm to the host.

Here is a beautiful example of an organism enjoying a commensal relationship
with one organism and a mutualist relationship with another: the tiny shrimp
lives in an anemone, receiving refuge without causing any damage
(commensalism). This shrimp will emerge from the anemone to clean parasites
from passing fish in a mutualist relationship.

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