Mathematical models

From: Dagmar Fertl (
Date: Mon Mar 27 2000 - 15:02:11 EST

Hello Dr. Fertl,

It may be out of your area but it may have a view on it. What do you think
of mathematical modelling of the biological systems? In areas like protein
folding it may be very helpful for determination of the real ^3D structure
if the mathematical model really corresponds to the X-ray data. But how can
the math. models of Darwinian type of data help us? You may also forward
this to a freind of yours who do this kind of stuff. I started hearing many
models such as this. Physicsists started to do such models very much. I
appreciate your time and answer.

Benan Dincturk

You're right, you're very much out of my area of expertise. I did ask a
friend who's very into computer modelling and looking at marine mammals (and
other marine life). He wasn't exactly sure where you were going with your
question (neither was I). There are all
types of modelling, of all types of biological systems. Population genetics
and natual selection types of things are modeled relatively easily in some

I would say that modelling is an effective tool, but it certainly does not
substitute for looking at what's really going on out in the world (e.g.,
field work). I agree with your statement that modelling is quite the rage
these days and lots of folks are doing it.

If you have a specific question, feel free to write back to ASK, and I'll
ask my friend again.


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