Communication; strandings; whale products; whaling

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Date: Mon Apr 03 2000 - 09:37:33 EDT

7) How do whales communicate with one another?

>12) What are some uses of whale products?

9) Why do beached whales die?
10) What events led to the decline of American whaling?

Hi there. No name? I combined the two messages from you, since it looks like
you're answering some test questions or something.

I would recommend that you look thru the WhaleNet archives, since I'm almost
positive that all of these questions have been previously answered or

7. Whales primarily communicate by sound and touch, by also do some
visually, and perhaps by taste.

12. Do you mean whale products now-days or in the past? There is lots of
information on this in the library for in the past. Now-days would depend on
whether you mean subsistence whaling or commercial whaling.

9. Beached whales may die for a variety of reasons. Animals often beach
themselves when they are already dying. Disease and old age are some

10. Obviously, fewer whales had something to do it, as well as the advent of
discovering that petroleum could replace whale oil.

Good luck on the test. I think you'll find more information on these
questions quite easily.


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