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>Hi, my name is lauren sorry
>thank you for answering my two ?
>the other two were my sisters ? (georgia)
>on number 12 the ? is meaning this year.
>these / are not a test they are for
>my teacher, to help her on a project.
> lauren and georgia
>Hi Lauren and Georgia,
>Nice of you to help your teacher! Whale meat, of course, is a big product
>that both commercial and subsistence whaling are interested in. For the
>people doing subsistence whaling, there is important cultural signficance
>the hunts as well. Whale parts may be used as art. I would recommend that
>you check out a website for the International Whaling Commission and see if
>you can find a good link for what products are used. Also, perhaps trying
>'whaling' as the keyword using <> might turn up some
>interesting information as well. This is a topic I really don't have a lot
>of detail on.
>Hope I helped a little though.
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thank you

you helped us a lot

we hope we can talk to you again

  thank you, lauren, georgia

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