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Date: Thu Apr 06 2000 - 10:12:44 EDT

Hi! :) Please tell me you can help. I am a junior in highschool and I'm
working on a research project about marine biology and about becoming a
marine biologist. It says in your web page that you are a scientist, is
there anyway I can interview and ask you a few questions about marine
science and biology for my paper??? I have looked all over and I'm not
having any luck finding a scientist to interview and it is a big percentage
of my paper.
I am going out of a town on a trip with my schools BETA Club, I'll be back
friday night so if you can reply to me asap I would really appreciate it
because I will be working on this research paper the remainder of the
weekend once I return. I'll just ask you a few of the questions now to save
some time so that maybe I can get a head start. My paper is due Monday so I
know its pushing it :) I just need to know the general things.... Basic
Salery, Hours, What is it exactly a marine biologist does, what kind of
would be helpful, and besides a college education in this field of
study,what else can I do or what else would be helpful to me to become a
marinebiologist, etc.. Just basic, general things, anything you would like
toshare I would really be thankful because I'm kind of clueless on what to
askreally :) Oh yeah a biggie I almost forget, I'm sorry!! What would
yourecommend as the best colleges to go to for this field of study, any
suggestions??? Well I must be going, thankyou so much for taking the time
to read my email and again I would really really appreciate ( can't stress
this enough ) if you could reply as soon as possible with answers and
for me. I hope to hear from you soon :)


I recommend that you check the WhaleNet links and go thru this week's
WhaleNet ASK answers. Last week I answered these same questions for three
other students. In there, I mentioned some good websites that have all of
the information that you asked for.

I won't be in the office on Friday and won't be answering WhaleNet questions
again until Monday.

Good luck with the project!

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