From: Dagmar Fertl (
Date: Mon Apr 10 2000 - 11:34:32 EDT

So basically i should get a BS degree in biology. but is marine mammal
behavior classes in graduate school going to have a prerequist of a BS
degree in psychology?
Thats what im sorta confused about: going for a BS degree in bio or zoology
or going for a BS degree in psychology because its a prerequist

thanks alot!
Hi again, Chad! You can get a BS in biology or psychology or animal science
or any science field. Whatever your major ends up being, if you are
interested in animal behavior, then I recommend taking a bunch of science
classes, a diversity of them, including psychology. Graduate school classes
most likely won't have prerequisites from your undergrad classes. Basically,
your bachelor's degree won't really influence what you take in graduate
school, in my opinion. Also, I think it will be highly unlikely that you
have the opportunity to take a dedicated marine mammal behavior class. The
reason for that is that very few schools have a marine mammal program. If
you end up at a place like that, then you can talk to the professor about
prerequisites and all. When you're in graduate school, you can take
undergraduate classes. For example, when I was an undergraduate, my school
didn't offer animal behavior classes or mammalogy. I took both of those
classes when I was a graduate student...I just took the class with a bunch
of undergraduates at the same time.

Hope that clarifies things a bit better?
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