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Three things are very important, (in addition to going on to
postgraduate work at some point): read widely (scientific papers, not so
much popular stuff), volunteer and get experience with a research
organization, and get yourself known (this means making the effort to
meet people, and going to conferences is a big one because there you can
find lots of people in the field in one place).

Pick a topic in marine biology that interests you, read widely about it
and become very familiar with it. this way you'll be able to impress
people in the field and maybe work with them.

If you're interested in marine mammals, and want to work in India, there
are a lot of issues to deal with there where you could me a
contribution. Not a lot is known about cetaceans in India, and there
are some major conservation issues (notably with river dolphins).

Check out the Society for Marine Mammalogy's web page at:

They have lots of information about getting into the field.

Phil Clapham

> Chockalingam wrote:
> Q: Hai I am from India. I am very interested in marine research. I
> am a final year
> student of Bsc., zoology. What can I do to become a marine biologist?


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