storing whale vocalisations

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Date: Wed Apr 19 2000 - 08:41:08 EDT


This is outside my expertise, but I suspect the problem with
vocalizations is that they take up a great deal of storage space, thus
making transmission to satellites difficult and expensive. A tag being
used by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution attaches with a suction
cup, stores vocalization and other sounds, and then comes off in a few
hours when it's retrieved and the information downloaded. This is
probably a better way to go than messing with satellites; if the latter
were used, you'd still probably have to use an archival tag (one that
stores everything then comes off and transmits everything up to the
satellite) rather than one which transmits while its on the whale
because in the latter situation the tag isn't exposed to the satellite
long enough to upload information in large quantity.

Phil Clapham

Lee Enfantie wrote:
> Hi Phil
> I am a university student researching a way to transmit whale recordings
> via satellite. I am wondering if you have ever used or heard of tags
> that store whale vocalisations in addition to the normal informaiton.
> The tags that you are using are beautiful, just what I am looking for,
> except that there isn't any mention of storing the vocalisations.
> Regards,
> Lee Enfantie


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