Sperm whale

From: Save the Manatee (education@savethemanatee.org)
Date: Thu Apr 27 2000 - 11:53:52 EDT


Thanks for your question on whales. Unfortunately, I'm not able to help
you as my area of expertise is manatees. You might be able to find that
information at the WhaleNet Web site at http://whale.wheelock.edu.

Nancy Sadusky
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  Hi Mrs./Miss Sadusky, I am a sixth grade student at Thayer Academy, and I am doing a project on Sperm whales. I know you work with Manatees but since this whole website is about marine biology I thought I would ask you this question on whales. I know Sperm whales are the deepest divers in the world and they can dive for average times around and hour, but I wanted to know how frequently they actually do dive a day. If you have never researched this topic and cannot answer the question, I can always find other resources! If you can answer it, I would be delighted. Thanks for your help! Good luck with other questions!

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