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>From whaling records, the width of the tail of a 72 foot female caught
in 1901 off Newfoundland was 16 ft 10 inches. Thus, the tail width of
the largest recorded blue whale (110 feet in length, female, from South
Georgia in the southern hemisphere) would have been about 27 feet. I
have no data on breadth or circumferenec of the body, but you can assume
that the width of the animal at its widest point (thoracic region,
excluding the flippers) is similar to the tail width. From there you
could do a fairly simple circumference calculation (i.e. somewhere
around 80 feet for the 110 foot whale).

Hope this helps!

Phil Clapham wrote:
> Hi
> I am a fourth grade teacher and my students and i are trying to find the
> dimensions of a blue whale, We would like to know how wide a blue whales and
> tail dimensions.
> please help.
> thanks
> kathy moran


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