Grey Whale populations

From: CORE (
Date: Tue May 09 2000 - 12:16:58 EDT

The Grey whales are no longer on the endangered species list, but are still
on the protected species list. They are also protected within the United
States' Exclusive Economic Zone (extending 200 miles from each coast) by the
Marine Mammal Protection Act.

>I was reading over your answers to some questions about endangered whales and
>saw you have put the Pacific Grey Whale among them. I thought the grey whale
>was the first mammal to come off of the endangered species list. Also I heard
>things about them washing up on shore recently on the west coast, some
>theories are since they have come back so well from endangerment that their
>environment might not be big enought to accomodate all of them. They have
>recently been spotted in the San Francisco Bay, apparently establishing a
>habitat there for themselves which they have never been known to do before.
>My basic question is, are the grey whales really still on the endangered
>species list?


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