narwhal tusk specie discrepancy broughton

Date: Tue Aug 15 2000 - 11:05:46 EDT

Initial Request:
From: broughton
Date: Aug 13, 2000
The narwhal tusk is spiraled with a surface form characterized by raised
whorls that twist forward. Thus, the surface form has a morphology similar to
the sprial on a thick rope. However, my family has had a tusk that lacks the
raised whorl form, and consists on a smooth surface. In contrast our tusk has
the spiraled form as a surficial pattern only--similar to that seen on the
surface of a "candy cane." The question arises as to why all other tusks I
have seen are so different from ours. Does this suggest that ours is from a
different species, or that perhaps the surface of the tusk has been ground
smooth. Out tusk is 103 inches in length.

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