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Jeez, you certainly have your future planned out! Probably telling you
to be flexible won't help... There are various strategies. Some would
say that you should get a really strong background in biology at
undergrad and then specialize after that. There's a lot to this
argument, although personally I'd say that you're better off picking a
good school that also has a an active research program in something that
interests you; that way you can volunteer with the program and get the
experience and the contacts which are as important to a career as the
training itself.

A good school that has marine science, zoology and veterinary stuff will
be difficult to find in one package. However, you could find a good
biology school that is in a city where there are other institutions that
are relevant. Example: San Diego, where you have some great schools
(UCSD, Scripps) and a lot of research elsewhere (SW Fisheries Science
Center, Scripps, Hubbs Sea World). Boston (lots of schools, New England
Aquarium, and then Woods Hole 1.5 hrs away, plus a major marine mammal
stranding network and various whale research institutions). U Florida
at Gainesville has a good vet program, I hear, and their biology dept
used to be really good, but I know nothing about the details these
days. Miami (the University, though it's better at grad level for
biology; Sea World).

Hope this helps - good luck!

Phil Clapham

Check out the Society for Marine Mammalogy's career section on their web
site: wrote:
> okay.....I'm a sophmore in high school and i have a pretty good idea of
> my future plans. you might be scared of all i plant o do but let me tell
> you about it. I plan to major in marine biology and veterinarian
> medicine and minor in zoology. If not i might major in both marine and
> zoology and i don't know if i can minor in the medicine...OR i might
> major in zoology and medicine and minor in marine. Either way i want to
> fit all of them in my career. my question is do you know what the best
> college or university is for veterinarian/marine/zoology? i tried to
> look on the web for any thing in Australia. I assumed that maybe they
> had a lot of information on subjects like these but i couldn't find
> anything. If you know of any colleges (hopefully out of Texas and maybe
> the country), e-mail me at thank you!


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