Re: What are the five main types of marine science?

From: Phil Clapham (
Date: Thu Sep 07 2000 - 16:13:36 EDT

Five main types? That's rather arbitrary, and your teacher may have
different ideas to other people. Hmm, let's see. Mine would be:

1) Biological oceanography: critters, especially small ones; some would
take it to include marine ecology, but to me that's a separate

2) Physical oceanography: water mass characteristics and properties
(temperature, salinity etc).

3) Marine geology: seafloor geology, can include plate tectonics,
seafloor spreading etc. Widely used in the petroleum business.

4) Ichthyology: fish.

5) Marine zoology: critters, anything from invertebrates to fish to

And: 6) Hydrography - bottom topography, charting, depths etc - would
also qualify.

Phil Clapham wrote:
> I need information on the five main types of marine science. I need to write
> a paragraph description of each. Please answer before sunday!!!! :)
> sincerely,Leha M.


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