Information on whale monitoring systems; hydrophones etc

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Date: Tue Sep 12 2000 - 14:38:16 EDT


I'm afraid I'm not an acoustics specialist. Try Chris Clark at Cornell
University, who has done a lot with acoustics of whales.

Phil Clapham

Jonathan Cox wrote:
> Hello,
> My name is Jonathan Cox, student at Griffith University, Queensland
> Australia, studying a bachelor of Microelectronics Engineering/ Bachelor of
> Information Technology.
> I would greatly appreciate any information you may have on whale monitoring
> systems used by either marine research, or whale watching, if at all
> possible. This includes any information on the hydrophones used for tracking
> (positioning of hydrophones - placed on seabed, or anchored to a bouy,
> distances etc.), the electronic details of all the components, including the
> software used for data logging and displaying the position of whales, also
> cabling, information on the communication to shore (is a separate frequency
> used for communication between personnel besides the standard required
> 2-way radio to coastguard
> etc.). Also what type of boat is used for monitoring whale activity, how is
> the hydrophone attached to the boat, and displaying information on the boat.
> This information is required for assistance with a student project for
> microelectronics engineering, griffith university, on the electronic
> components of a whale monitoring system, also cost efficiency of different
> components will be taken into consideration. Thank-you very much for any
> information you might be able to supply.
> Jonathan Cox
> Microelectronics Engineering/Information Technology
> Griffith University
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