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Date: Tue Sep 12 2000 - 15:09:26 EDT

I am not familiar with any attempts to use ultrasound on the hearts of
marine mammals, but it is possible that this has been attempted with
captive dolphins. It certainly hasn't with large whales (ultrasound has
been used to assess blubber thickness however).

An old reference for the cardiovascular system generally is:

Slijper. 1962. Whales. Cornell University Press.

This book is out of print, but you can find it used easily on Slijper is out of date on many things, but is still
the best text on whale anatomy.

As for specific questions, I suggest you put out an enquiry on the
marine mammal bulletin board, MARMAM. To do this, address your question
to: and make sure you give your name and email
address. The message will go out to hundreds of marine mammal
biologists, and you WILL get a number of replies to almost any question
- it's a great resource (note to anyone else reading this: MARMAM isn't
for general public-related questions about whales! It's strictly a
professional bulletin board). Someone will know of papers published on
this topic.

Phil Clapham

> Stefan Miedler wrote:
> Dear Mr. Clapham!
> In my literature research for aquatic mammals I found discribed
> that they diagnosed in the pathologic seccion of stranded mammals
> infarcions and pulmonary oedema.
> In my specification in heart ultrasound of animals I would like to
> know for interest if anybody has done ultrasound messurements of the
> heart of aquatic mammals( certanly up to a limited size) or which
> heart diseases and their story are known. .Further I would appreciate
> it a lot if you can tell me literature about the cardiovasculare
> system of dolphins and other a. mammals. thank you and greatings
> Stefan


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