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I'm not sure what you mena by your first question, but marine biology
includes everything from oceanography (biological and physical, which
study the properties of water and how they interact with what lives in
it) to marine zoology (study of marine animals, including whales).

Lots of things have been discovered about sperm whales. The most
amazing is that they can dive more deeply than any other marine mammal:
to more than 7000 feet, and perhaps even to 10,000 feet. Sperm whales
also have an interesting social structure which is very simlar to that
of elephants in the way that females have strong ties to their young for
long periods. Much of this work has been done by Dr Hal Whitehead at
Dalhousie University in Canada; an earlier important study of sperm
whale social structure was conducted by Dr Peter Best in South Africa.
And a lot of the first work on living sperm whales was done by Dr Bill
Watkins of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

Phil Clapham

Justine Marie wrote:
> Dear Phillip,
> I found out that you are a marine biologist that
> will answear my questions. I was hoping that you
> could help me with these questions for school. What
> biology fields are related to marine biology? What
> discoveris have been made on whales tipiclly sperm
> whales? Who are some famous scientists that worked
> with wales (tipically sperm)and what did they do?
> Thank you for your cooperation,
> Justine Collingwood
> P.S. can you e-mail the answers to JUCollingwood@branford.k12.ct.us
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