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Date: Fri Sep 22 2000 - 09:58:55 EDT

Jennifer and Anthony,


This is a little off topic, but because I have worked with fish a bit I can
give you a few tips. Yes it sounds like your fish has some parasites. One
place to start would be to check with the dealer you got them from. Quite
likely, they have the same problem, and may have some suggestions.
Depending on where you live, there are more and more vets that either will
examine fish, or recommend someone who will. It is a little hard for me to
be sure what you have, just from the description, but look at this web
site...this is a common parasite that matches your description.

Good luck,


At 08:59 PM 9/21/00 EDT, you wrote:
>We recently purchased sword tale guppies. In the batch there were some
>parasites or something that have now latched on to the fish. Only the
>females. The two of them are about the size of a pencil eraser. They are
>white, clear and look almost like an electric ray. It seems to be
> the fish. If you could tell me what they are, if they are harmful and if
>there is something we should do, that would be greatly appreciated. Thank
>you Jennifer and Anthony.
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