From: Greg Early (gearly@neaq.org)
Date: Mon Sep 25 2000 - 11:30:45 EDT


We, I'm afraid I have not seen that movie yet, so I'll have to make a
guess. First, I assume you mean horn like a cow has a horn, not like a car
has a horn (sorry...bad joke). Anyway, there is a whale that has what
looks like a horn growing out of the front of it's head. The whale is
called a narwhale. It is a very strange small whale, that lives in the
arctic. When young one tooth begins to grow out of the front of their head
and forms what looks like a horn (because it is actually a tooth, it is
technically a "tusk" and not a "horn"..whatever you call it...it sounds
like a whale with a real need for braces...sorry... second bad joke).
Usually, it is only the male whales that grow the tusk and scientists think
that the whales use them to poke at each other, much like goats and deer
will do with their horns and antlers (nope that one is not a joke). Some
people think that years ago, people finding tusks from narwhales, believed
them to be the horns of the mythical unicorn. Here is web site with more
information about narwhales.



At 05:58 PM 9/25/00 -0600, you wrote:
>Dear Sir,
> I was watching the movie The Little Mermaid 2, and saw a whale with
>what looked like a horn on it. Is this a real type of whale? My mom said
>I had to find out by myself. So any help you could give me would be
>great. My name is Kira and I am 10. Here is my email address
>Casper, Wyoming
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