Whale diet

From: Pieter Arend Folkens (animalbytes@earthlink.net)
Date: Mon Oct 09 2000 - 03:43:21 EDT

Dear Phillip:

You wrote:
>what fasinates me most about whales is their enormous size.Along with their
>size,it fasinates me the most to know if i go swiiming or diving in a part
>of the world,a whale may find me and swallow me whole.(i know some species
>of whales are quite capaple of swallowing people whole) What would it be
>like to be swallowed whole by a whale and what
>would it be like in the whale's stomach? Just think.you are swimming and
>starting to run out of air.you swim to the top but am encompassed
>by a darkness.You are flat on your chest with your face down on what feels
>like a wet throbbing muscular thing.While looking up to see where
>you are,the thing you are on starts a ripple like movement and moves you to
>a flat surface that seems to slide away.you then seam to be in a
>slimy passage that moves and carries you forwared.You then have more
>room.You feel this slimy substance at your feet.You can't see your
>hand in front of you. you instinctively look for a way out and feel the
>walls and feel rubbery slime.You then realize you have been swallowed
>by a whale.what can you do to get out?What do you think?

Although you would fit in the mouth of most baleen whales, you would not
fit down their throat, at least not whole. Their gullet is only about the
size of large grapefruit. You would not even fit in the mouth of any
toothed whale, so it follows that you would also not fit down their throat

The stomach of most whales is like that of a cow, that is, it is three
chambered. I also suspect it would be dark and smelly. But, considering you
could not get down the throat, there is no point in imagining what it would
be like inside - unless you were a fish, of course.



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