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You wrote:
>What kind of Marine Biology job pays the most? What kind
>of job should a person get that likes to play with animals and take care
>of animals get and where would it be? How would you get to go out on a
>marine vessel for weeks and study stuff? How much would you get paid for
>that? What do you think is the best college to go to to study Marine

Dear James:

The jobs in marine biology that pay the most are those in administration.
The down sides of that situation are that one then looses the field
research time that is most enjoyable about the business, and administrators
much also be politicians which is among the least desirable vocations for a
marine biologists.

As for your second question, job and play are words that don't usually go
together unless one is in professional sports. It is necessary not to
"play" with wild animals. Marine biologists "work" with or "study" them. As
you might guess, such jobs are enjoyable. Because of this there are more
people wanting to work in the field and so, the jobs don't pay too much.
What jobs there are in the field range from volunteer opportunities
(obviously paying nothing), to student internships, to biologists in the
non-profit private sector, to government researchers with health care and a

I do not know all of the universities providing degrees in Marine Biology,
but here are a few:

University of California, Santa Cruz has a strong reputation, and now has
the expanded Seymour Science Center at Long Lab.
Moss Landing Marine Lab has a nice new facility. I can't immediately recall
their affiliation, but I think it is Stanford Univ.

Scripps Inst. in La Jolla is next door to the Southwest Fisheries Science
Center (NMFS/NOAA), and I believe is affiliated with San Diego State

Bernd Wursig's marine mammal program at Texas A&M at Galveston is strong.

Wood's Hole is the biggie on the east coast.

The University of Washington has a world-class program in Oceanography.

Oregon State University has a good program at the Hatfield Marine Science
Center, and is a good, smaller school option.

How's that for a start?


Pieter Folkens

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