seal research and released seals

Date: Thu Oct 19 2000 - 13:29:01 EDT

Hi...You have asked some very smart and timely questions. However, I just
need a little more information. Do you mean "release" seals as in seals that
were sick and on the beach and were released healthy back into the ocean? If
so, or if not,write me back, and let me know. I can help you with seals, I
just want to be sure that I give you helpful information. I can put you in
touch with a stranding center near me that helps sick and injured seals and
releases then when well.
It sounds like you have a very thoughtful and generous teacher. Also, you
mentioned that you need to know about another kind of seal other than the
harbor seal. What is the other kind? Be sure and write back so I can help
Scott Mercer

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