seal research and released seals

Date: Sat Oct 28 2000 - 08:38:11 EDT


Harbor seals are very common seals, and along the New England coast, where we
work, harbor seals often end up on the beach. The reasons they strand vary.
They may be tired and just needing to rest. They may be sick. Sometimes a
baby seal pup will rest on a beach while its mother feeds. Sometimes they
get injured during storms, and end up on the beach. Most of the time, the
seal goes back into the water by itself. But sometimes, they are taken to
places like the New England Aquarium, where they are treated by vets. They
are placed in clean tanks and fed good food, and given medicine. Often, when
they are released, they look like space explorers from a bad space movie.
The scientists will put a radio transmitter on the seal, so they can receive
the signals and draw a map of where the seal goes.
WhaleNet had been involved in tracking seals that way. Check the WhaleNet
pages again on your computer, and see if there is any information going on
right now about this subject.
You should try writing the New England Aquarium Education Office, Central
Wharf, Boston, Massachusetts 02110. Tell them about your report, tell them
that WhaleNet suggested that you write, and request information about
stranded seals and the work the Aquarium does.
Harbor seals are usually about 4 feet to 6 feet long and weigh 80-100 pounds
maximum. They have their pups in the spring, and after 4 to 6 weeks, the pup
leaves its mother.
I hope this is helpful.


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