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Date: Thu Nov 02 2000 - 08:33:19 EST

My name is Emily. I am very intrested in working with cetations
especially with killer whales. What are the chances of getting a job at a
young age working with dolphins and whales? I live in Long Island N.Y if you
can send me any information on working with dolphins and whales I will be

Thank you very much,

Emily Z.
Hi Emily! There are two cetacean biologists in your area over in
Southampton, so you're not as isolated over there as you might think.

Since you didn't tell me how old you are, it's kind of hard for me to
suggest something. I'm assuming you want to directly do something with
killer whales? There are ecotourism trips that you can do, which would allow
you to participate in whale and dolphin research, perhaps at a younger age
than a 'real, paying' job would. I would recommend that you and your family
look into the EarthWatch program. There is one specifically about killer
whales in the San Juan Islands, over off Seattle, WA. You should be able to
find some information on that on the web.

As for age restrictions, most places have those because of insurance issues,
as well as concern about someone's ability to really contribute to working
with the animals at a young age.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to write back to us at


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