Whales and Ecobalance

From: Dagmar Fertl (dagmar_fertl@hotmail.com)
Date: Mon Nov 06 2000 - 09:51:16 EST


Could you please summarily answer a question I have regarding the
importance of whales in general in the achievement of ecobalance. In
addition, what is lost in this context with the indiscriminate killings of
these beautiful animals.

Hi Luis. I'm pretty sure I've answered a similar question like this in the
past. One time stands out when someone asked me about the value of sharks.
I'm sure other WhaleNet scientists have also been asked a similar question.
I would recommend running a search thru the WhaleNet archives asking this

Basically, there are a number of things that we as humans lose when any
species is lost to our world. You certainly picked up on the ecobalance
question, or more articulately put, the loss of biodiversity (there's a ton
of information on this topic on the web). Not only would it be sad for us to
lose a whale species for this reason, but also since whales are very much
wrapped up into many cultures (like in art, etc.). We also for some reason
feel a great empathy for whales, I guess because many folks like to consider
them to be compatriots living on the same planet - large brained and in some
cases, quite social, animals like us.

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