How to teach students about whales?

From: Dagmar Fertl (
Date: Mon Nov 06 2000 - 15:31:59 EST

Dear Dagmar Fertl,

I'm a soon to be teacher and have been working on a lesson plan to
teach 3rd grade students about whales. I have the children learning to
identify different species, gathering background information about
distinct characteristics, what and how much they eat, plotting home
ranges and their migration routes. Are there any ideas, suggestions, or
inputs that you could add that might assist me in teaching this topic? I
realize that this might be a hard question to ask someone who might not be a
teacher but on the other hand, I'm not an expert of whales. I thought that
not only would it help me develop a better lesson plan, but it would also
interesting for the kids to get another point of view from someone who works
first hand with whales! If you do have a response to this e-mail, please
contact me at and share your thoughts with me. Thank you very
much! Daniel A. Mohn
Dear Daniel,

Actually, just searching thru WhaleNet via the teachers button will provide
you with some great information on topics that can be taught. There is even
the opportunity for kids to 'build a blue whale'. SeaWorld also has some
good educational information, as does the Minerals Management Service (MMS).
I actually put together the teachers' packet for the MMS while working for
them, and you can either request it free or download from their website.
Also available is a poster on Gulf of Mexico whales and dolphins. The MMS
website is: (go to the kids page information).

Good luck!

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